Hi there, I am Sahil Gadimbayli – (also Gadimov). Welcome to my corner on the internet. I like a lot of things in life, just like you do, but I will talk mostly on the professional side here. Consider this page a wannabe CV.

I started my development journey in high school – randomly, when we built a development team and started going to competitions/hackatons, building websites using Flash or solving problems using Pascal.

Then, I ended up at the University of Southampton, UK, in Bachelors of Computer Science. Learned a bunch, and had lots of fun, got bored of developing in Java, and went on to study IT/Project management in Spain after graduating.

I stumbled upon Ruby a few years later, loved the expressiveness of the language which led me to start developing web applications.

These days I am remote software/web developer who you can physically find in barcelona, berlin and baku over the course of the year.

I spend my time:

I write technical posts @ramblingcode, and try to contribute to OSS projects I use.

If you absolutely have to, you can check my resume. Though, I prefer a chat over a coffee or on the web.

See you around!